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Cool game! Great use of the theme! Missile launch sounds fit perfectly!

A very solid game all the way through! Good pressure on gameplay.

Excellent game play!
Pixel art is on point, good contrast and use of negative space.
This is my favourite jam submission! < 3

(Love the explosion dithering, not so much on the clouds)

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Hah, Thank you! I can't take too much credit for the gameplay since, well... it's just missile command.  :-P

I was basically on youtube watching pixel art tutorials and messing around in Aseprite for longer than I was coding. I went through like 5 different, much uglier cities before I was able to make it to where it was acceptable. Same with clouds. Though I still wasn't too happy with em.

Was fun to try, but next time, I'm going back to swiping the free stuff.