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Sneaking around those corners was so much fun.  Loved it!

Thanks! I tried my best to provide some kind of fun given the limited amount on dev time. Glad you enjoyed it! hehe


Absolutely brilliant!
I actually got so immersed I got genuinely scared a couple of times.
Level design is good, music progression is good.
I am impressed, and I hope to one day to make a 3D shooter as good as this one : )

Thanks a bunch! 3D is a huge undertaking in libGDX. But you do learn a lot, just keep at it. I did my first 3D game back in the September Jam last year. But always really wanted to try a simple shooter. In fact if you check the Christmas Jam of 2020, you'll find the game Ultra Nightmare by Chris Pilz. Seeing him do that made me realize it was possible, So I knew eventually I'd give it a shot. Good luck!

Found this:
Yours is better imo.

I think I'm on the right track, thought about using tiled too...
I have a new quest >: D

Finally! I get to use all those skills I picked up using kovaaks! Crazy how you made this in so little time. :)

Thanks John! I was prepping quite a bit for this jam. I knew I wanted to tackle 3D again. So I spent a lot of time running through those old tutorials from Xoppa. I came come across a simple solution to build out the maps as well, which is what I used here. I'm actually just using the 2D map editor Tiled, with a separate layer for the floor, walls and ceiling and Bam! Instant 3d word. (probably not the best solution) but it was the easiest one. hehe

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How you make libGDX do such cool stuff!? loved it <3 And the levels load instantaneusly, and the last fight was so hard! andfasdfwefiopj amazing experience


Thanks so much.  I can't take all the credit. I usually spend the first day or so searching and open game art for some nice free assets that fit the theme I'm looking to do. Without them it probably wouldn't look or sound nearly as nice, also saves me a ton of time. :-D

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Awesome! Secret doors, power-ups. The last fight was brutal. Great job.

Thanks James, and that fact that you managed to even get to the end before I had a chance to attempt to balance it. Is more amazing. :-P


Fantastic stuff, works great on html too. Reminds me of a past era. A very fine entry.

Thanks for the kind words Panda! Also, I'm glad I got the browser version up to snuff, was worried the entire week I'd be stuck forcing people to download a jar.