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This felt so polished and whole, so good to move and balanced, great work I loved everything thank you <3

PS: My record is 51 :D

Well done! Graphics and animations are amazing! I like it a lot!

Your jam games always feel complete. Good music, art, sfx, and put together well. Good job :)

my personal favorite. I love the mechanics, the art, the concept. I really love the martial art moves of Santa. Great game. your state of mind is so same with mine about the genre. Wish oneday we can make something together 😊 Thanks for the great game;)

Happy New Year ! 

Hah, thanks! I started rounding up  xmas themed assets about a week before the Jam assuming any of the Christmas themes would win the vote. Then when the Theme was announced, I rushed to shoehorn that into what I was planning.

I clearly love this :) directly into my choice of game genre. Great action, so cool pixel art and nice controls. I've grown up playing mighty final fight on nes, it gave me the same feel :) keep making games like this, i will always love to play ;)