March 2021 libGDX 7 Day Game Jam Entry

Theme: Alice in Wonderland


This game was an excuse to mess around with some shaders.

Shoutout to Raeleus for his video on gdx-vfx and shaders here and crashinvaders for the library itself here


Your old pal, the White Rabbit? Well he needs some help. He's late for a Tea party of sorts and need's your help.

Return as many mushrooms to the White Rabbit as you can before time runs out.

Avoid or kill the Shroombeasts that spawn, to collect the mushrooms they drop.

Mushrooms you collect will NOT be scored unless you bring them back to the White Rabbit. At that point he will take your mushrooms and you will be cleansed of any ill effects. You may drop off mushrooms as many times as you like. But the deeper you go, the more risk you take getting back. Is it worth it? I don't know. The mushroom scoring is probably unbalanced, gimme a break.  Just play it for the experience. lol


There are 6 different mushrooms. Some more rare than others. Each one with a different effect.

Yellow Mushroom- 1 Point Health

Purple  Mushroom- Spawn More Shroombeasts

Red Mushroom-?

Pyramid Mushroom-??

Grey Mushroom - ????

??? Mushroom - ?????

If you are having trouble and just want to explore and find the different mushrooms. Don't pick up any purple ones , you should be free to breeze through the stage.


W,A,S,D to Move, Space to Jump (You can Double Jump)

K to Light Attack

L to Heavy Attack

There is a combo you can do.  That will kill a Shroombeast in a single chain. Just mash around. Shouldn't be hard.

Game should also be playable with an xbox controller. basic dpad+ x,y,a

Assets Used:

Alice: I Recolored this sprite set





White Rabbit:

Mushroom Spring:

All sounds and music found through


PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreAction, Platformer
Made withlibGDX
TagslibGDX, Pixel Art


trip_through_wonderland_1.03.jar 13 MB

Install instructions

You should be able to download the jar and simply double click to run it.

or navigate through the command prompt and run this command  "java -jar trip_through_wonderland_1.03"


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so tripppyyy!

IMO this is the greatest entry!

What I like here:

- attacking combo (not just one click - one attack)

- your compilation of the art (everything goes well with the theme)

- the shader effects after collecting mushrooms (again goes perfect with the theme)

- cool organization of the big level, where you can rich every platform, but it's not so easy

What I don't like here:

- this is not my entry

Ah, thanks man. I was lucky, had way more free time this week to work on it than my other jams. Though I think I'm tapped out. Next jam I'll just force the theme into a stick figure asset, card flipping match game. lol


Ah, thanks! While I didn't create the Rabbit asset, I DID add the Bow Tie to it. :-D

It's kinda like in my game! I added some bow ties to our vizcachas but the artist remade them into what they ended up being haha :3

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The graphics, sound, and animation are phenomenal (whether you made them or found them, the end result is fabulous)! I spent quite a bit just moving around and watching the detail in the animation. Awesome that the enemies have an attack sound/animation.

The GDX-VFX library you used was to massive effect, and turned out awesome! I was quite literally tripping trying to see. Bang on with the theme, gave me an awesome laugh.

I was tripping too hard to get out of the bottom of the dungeon XD.

Thanks! Usually I try to focus on learning 1 new thing each Jam. This time was shaders (and I lucked out on theme). Though I still want to go back and learn more about them without having to rely on the GDX-VFX lib.  It did make it a breeze though.


Omg bob. Your entries amaze me. Art, music, sound, gameplay, etc always great. The shaders or however you are doing those effects is a really nice touch.


Thanks John! I take no credit for the art. With the exception of finding free stuff and putting all together to make it mesh well. Hah. And the shader stuff was thanks in part to the awesome Gdf-vfx library. Super simple to use. Cheers!


You know this game is a perfect example of what i always tried to achieve with 2d platformers. Everything is great for me the controls, the hitboxes. The graphics. Very smooth mechanic works like a charm. Nice story, interesting character design. I seriously love this effort.


Thanks. Luckily i try and use what ive learned from other jams and improve in areas where the game is similar. For example if you took a look at one of my jams that had jumping and collision from like a year ago. You'd be like... ohhh ok its similar but way worse.

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my collisions didnt improve so much. I'm still not satisfied. I respect your work here.I can say this is one of my personal favorites ;)