September 2021 libGDX 7 Day Game Jam Entry

Theme: Zero Gravity

**Update: I now have a working HTML version of the game to play. So you no longer need to download a jar. Though performance many vary. 

So, for my 10th consecutive libGDX Jam entry I wanted to do something special. I made it my goal to try my hand at doing something in 3D, having never tried it. (Very Bad Idea). 

So enjoy this Space/Gravity Themed 3D runner. It's VERY basic and the music I found is probably 100x better than the game itself. So enjoy.

Please note, this is not optimized and possibly broken. So if you come across issues, slowness, no collisions... oops!?

*Note the game captures your mouse cursor, but just hit Escape to get cursor back.


Collect Green and Blue Spheres. Avoid Red Spheres. 3 Hits, game over

*sometimes green or blue spheres spawn inside Red ones... Just ignore those...

Music will change up to 3 times when you reach a certain speed Threshold

Once you hit 30000 Xph in speed.... you've hit the hardest point


Escape for Options/Sound Menu

Use the mouse to move left/right to move left and right. That's it.

Green Spheres = 1 pt, small speed increase

Blue Spheres = 50 pts. large speed boost

Red Sphere = You take Damage, Avoid Them

Assets Used:

Music -

Ship Model  -

Spheres, Track and Skybox - Me


anti_grav_runner_v1.01.jar - Newest 15 MB
anti_grav_runner_v1.0.jar - Original 15 MB

Install instructions

You should be able to download the jar and simply double click to run it.

or navigate through the command prompt and run this command  "java -jar anti_grav_runner_v1.0.jar"


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Dude this is great!  I'm gonna hold onto this!  Super addictive, and the music really sets an awesome vibe.  Very nice work!

Epic!! This reminds me of a game I used to play back in high school called Boost 2. Really enjoyed :)

Excellent game. It's a game like AudioSurf which I like a lot  and the sound of blue ball boost  is magic!  For a first 3D game in one week, it's incredible! GG!

Super awesome. Addictive for me. I will keep this forever. Absolutely my type of gameplay and the music RoCKS!

10/10 ;) love it

When you go to 30000 speed, it feels like the texture moves so fast that the spaceship is moving backwards. Love auto run games, really enjoyed this one too!