June 2021 libGDX 7 Day Game Jam Entry

Theme: Balls

**Lyze mentioned encountering a Crash.  Feel free to let me know if this happens to you as well. I have yet to replicate.**

**Dev Notes**

Having come across some really nice assets on Itch. My Goal for this next Jam was always to do something in a 2D Isometric style. Having never done anything like that before, it was a  nightmare. By Day 5, I pivoted, commented out half of the code, removed combat, salvaged what I could. And turned in into an Isometric Trivia quest instead.  Lesson learned.



WASD keys for movement. This is Isometric Grid based movement, so it might be disorienting at first.  

**Added in Continuous Movement when holding down the keys. So it's not as sluggish to move around.

All actions happen via a Mouse click.  Clicking on a character will show you basic info about them. And if you would like to talk with them, you MUST stand next to them and then click to start dialog.

ANY key presses or clicks will "hurry up" the dialog and move to the next bit of info.

The game contains about 20 or so trivia questions related to Balls, or Ball shaped things. Most are simple or silly, some are just plain interesting. There's no way to lose, as you can always try again. You do not need to answer all the questions to win. You just need to complete the Rancher's "request" and then return to the farm once it's done.

*I have also added an onscreen directional touch buttons in the lower right. So you might be able to play this on your phone's browser. *Not guaranteed*

If you notice anything broken feel free to leave a comment.

Assets Used:

TileSet and Characters:https://gvituri.itch.io/isometric-trpg

Some assets were customized and created by me to match the existing ones. Ex. The Balls.

All sounds and music found through https://freesound.org/

or https://sidearm-studios.itch.io/ultimate-sound-fx-bundle

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Made withlibGDX
TagsGame Jam, Isometric, libGDX, trivia


BallRancher_JamGame1.01.jar -Original Upload 14 MB
BallRancher_JamGame1.02.jar - Newest 14 MB

Install instructions

You should be able to download the jar and simply double click to run it.

or navigate through the command prompt and run this command  "java -jar BallRancher_JamGame.1.02"


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It's so hard to stop using innuendo...  So so hard.

I really love this. Enjoyed playing a lot, nice to answer questions for getting advanced :) I didn't have problem with the isometric camera. Also no crash on windows 7 machine with chrome browser.
Once again, well done my friend

Ripoff!!! I didn't receive my pancakes or orange juice!!! I got donut holes with chocolate :( Good entry by the way 

Haha, Thanks!

Next time I'll make sure to put a mailing slip form on the game over page. Participants can expect pancakes shipped in 10 to 12 weeks. 

I really enjoyed this game. The movement was nice.

Thanks a lot! I was very weary of the movement, it can be very disorienting to move with keys in isometric perspective for some people. But I did the best I could in time span.

Great game. I can see why you don't get many keyboard based movement iso games, it messes with you head trying to work out which way you're going to move. Great work

Thanks, Yea, that was a hard truth I had to learn. I was going to add in a click to move, via pathfinding. But then out of time. Oh well.

Cool game, Enjoyed the adventure!
Note: Continuous movement by holding down a control would be nice (I had to spam to move around and it makes the character feel sluggish)

(2 edits)

Totally Agree, just an oversight. Just updated the game and added it in for the sake of having it in there.  My original goal was to have a right click to move via some pathfinding. But having never done it before I ran out of time.  :-/

I thought that would be a good idea since the mouse is so involved anyway! Would flow smoothly. 

Damn these are some fun games. Scene2D is rad. 10 min run for me. nice placed jam Easter egg get too :)

Thanks! Yea. I tired my best to fit it in there to make sense. :-D

Oh! That's a fun game, well done! 

Got a game crash though and the screen turned black. Was just moving sadly: 

Uncaught Error: java.lang.RuntimeException: com.google.gwt.core.client.JavaScriptException: (TypeError) : Cannot read property 'r' of null

Thanks Lyze, I'll take a look! Bound to be issues, when it was a race to the finish. I try to replicate and track it down.