libGDX 2023 December Game Jam

Theme: It Came From Above

Uh oh! It's the night before Christmas and Santa's gotten  a little too friendly with the BeerNog again and he's taken the Sleigh for a jolly joyride! 

As his trusty Elf helper, Elfer! You must collect the gifts Santa drops from his sleigh,  all while dodging the empty beer bottle and other obstacles that fall down from above.

Collect as many gifts as you can! Otherwise there will be a lot of sad children missing gifts this year.


Tried to make game a bit easier. Also for fun I added a debug option in the pause menu to see the bounding boxes, if people were curious.


Dodge Obstacles that fall from above and Jump over ground obstacles that appear.

Collect the gifts!

Move left and right with A and D key.

Jump with Space, jump again to do a small double jump. 

Perform a short Dash with the Left Shift key. (1 second cooldown)

Dash can be done while Jumping.

(Also, all controls keys are re-bindable) 

Kegs will roll over and destroy gifts they touch.

Snowballs will chill your character and disable dashing for 5 seconds

There are 3 colors of gifts, Green, Red, and White. The only difference is that the White Gift will Heal you 1 heart when collected. (I ran out of time to do anything else for the others)

There are 10 levels of difficulty, every 3 drops the difficulty increases. After lvl 10 you reach the end.

Assets Used:

The Elf Sprite is a recolored Santa from:

Some sprite effects from various places on

All sounds and music from

All of the backgrounds, gifts and obstacles were myself.

Updated 8 hours ago


Newest - bgb_jamgame_0.78.jar 19 MB
Original Entry- bgb_jamgame_0.55.jar 18 MB

Install instructions

As long as you have java installed.

You should be able to download the jar and simply double click to run it.

or navigate through the command prompt and run this command  "java -jar bgb_hamejam_0.78"


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Nice gameplay! And props for the platformer!

My elf life has been ended by a rolling piece of metal, but it was fun while it lasted : )

Couldn't pass above 45 before a bottle rain ended my career as an elf, but on the other side, drunk santa is now canon.

The subpixel animation is superb, it's really good.

Sometimes the game acts unfair, by not giving enough time and not saying what's happening next. I also mistook the bottles for the presents one time.

Funny lil game : )

I know it's a type of game I've seen many times. But the graphics are cool and it is very playable and fun. Good job!

Yea, with the Holiday around the corner time is limited. So I was looking for a way to keep it very simple while still keeping it on theme AND shoehorning in some seasonal holiday cheer somehow. lol
Thanks for playing.