libGDX 2023 June Game Jam

Theme: Underwater

Probably my shortest jam game so far, but that's what happens when you procrastinate until Friday... 

The Deep sea, not a place you would think to find love, eh?

Well, ask any Angler Fish and they'd tell you otherwise. The Deep Sea Angler Fish takes love seriously.  So serious in fact that the tiny males will literally bond and fuse into the females for purposed of procreation. Talk about devotion!

As for the Giant Female Angler Fish, she travels the depths searching for a mate to bond with. But she wont stop at just one, oh no, she'll gladly collect and fuse with as many mates as needed. After all, this is Love we are talking about.

Warning: You can NOT mate with the BananaMan, he is only here to watch.


Take control of our female Angler Fish as she explores the ocean depths in search of mates. 

You have 90 seconds to look around and gather as many mates as possible while avoiding hazards like JellyFish!

The fish will constantly swim in the direction of the mouse cursor and u can perform a speed up dash by clicking the left mouse button to dart forward a bit.

Your fish only has 5 Health so take 5 hits, you die!

In it's current state I think the game is pretty easy, so just sit back and enjoy.

The mouse controls can feel a bit wonky if the cursor is too close to the fish. So... don't do that.

Assets Used:

The awesome pixel Angler Fish and other fish Art from RapidPunches:

Underwater Background:

Some Effects made by me like the Bubbles, Hearts.

Background Music:

All other sounds found through


underwater_love_jam_0.05.jar - Newest 22 MB
underwater_love_jam_0.03.jar - Original 30 MB

Install instructions

If you have java 8 installed.

You should be able to download the jar and simply double click to run it. Or right click then open. On linux you may have to mark it as an executable.

You could also navigate through the command prompt and run this command  "java -jar underwater_love_jam_0.05.jar"


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I am the mate bonder! Your water shader effect is waaay cooler than mine :P haha the movement felt smooth, the ambience was on point, amazing game :3


Hells yea, get those mates! Much thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. :D

ooohhhhhh fishy! Very nice!! cute idea!!

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I can't mate banana which is a little disappointing, but I like the game :)

Haha,  there was supposed to be more to do with the Banana. I just failed my time management. lol Glad you enjoyed it.