September 2020 libGDX 7 Day Game Jam Entry

*Update Sep 28th, 2020

fixed crash scenario which I missed.

Theme: Parallel Worlds

The Dino-Verse is coming to an end... or something. But you may have the power to stop it.

Dodge Walls and Obstacles long enough to reach the Key at the end of each World. Collect all 4 to complete your mission.

You have the ability to slip between parallel worlds at any time. The terrain remains the same. But you will have escaped from the increased difficulty of certain obstacles.

Collect Fruit to refill health.

I made some last minute adjustments. But the game Should be beatable. I'm like73% sure.


Jump with the SPACE key, Jump again for Double Jump.

Left and Right movement with (A and D) OR (LEFT and RIGHT) arrow keys

World Shift with the W or UP arrow Key

I noticed the "Effect" representing your invincibility frames doesn't look correct on the broswer version. The dino just looks translucent. It's supposed to flicker. Oh, well.

Assets Used:

The entirety of this game centered around me coming across this Four Season free asset pack on itch.

Platforms :

Dino Assets:

Some other small assets found around itch or opengameart

All sounds and music found through

Side Note:

Ran out of time. So I didn't fully implement what I intended for the ending. So I had to cut it short. But hey, that's how these things go.

Also, trying to gain some pity points here. But this is my first handicapped game jam. As I recently had shoulder surgery and I barley had 2 functioning arms for the last 2 weeks or so.


DinoVerse_Runner_1.1.jar 9 MB


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Absolutely great. Brought me back to my youth when i play games with my Commodore 64. Really has a perfect retro atmosphere. I simply love it ! This is another game to play forever. Difficult but not impossible as i like :) Controls response in good amount of time, well programmed. 
Best wishes and thanks for this nice game ;)

Nice difficult game! I always finish outter the screen

A very polished game as usual! Fun too, I love how the game controls.