December 2021 libGDX 7 Day Game Jam Entry

Theme: Machines & Slimes

**I threw on controller support at the last minute. So if you have a controller plugged in. It "might" work, no guarantee.


There's trouble a-brewin' at the old North Pole! It's even worse than the time Santa's Monkey Bongo got into the medicine cabinet.  This time Santa's been kidnapped by some kind of Machine-Slime Hybrid Army.  Thankfully the Elves have gathered enough cash to hire an ex-blackwater mercenary to get the job done.  (That's you) 

Now travel up the mountain, there's no time to lose!

*NOTE*This time around. I had very little time to work on the jam entry. Couldn't even get the Easter egg in there :-(

So there is no balance or polish. Some glitchy animation issues with some enemies. AI stuff. no UI etc.

But I wanted to at least submit it and make sure it was it fully beatable. So you have infinite lives to reach the end. 

I do record how many times you die...  incase you wanted to challenge yourself.

Controls are customizable from the main menu only.


Walk left and Right is A and D

Look up is W

Crouch is S

Fire is K

Jump is Space

You will find Gifts scattered throughout the game and Enemies have a chance to drop them as well. Slimes have some of the highest chance for drops.

Green Gift = Increase your Rate of Fire( can stack A LOT)

Red Gift = Weapon Upgrade, (2 upgrades in total, rarest chance to drop)

Blue Gift = Heal 1 Health 

Also, apologies for the late entry!

Assets Used:

Music -

Space Marine and Effects -

Enemy Machines -

Sprite Edits - Me

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Solid as usual. From art, to implementation to music. Good job :)

I just feel our styles of game development are very close. I love your mechanics and controls. And you really do great work about the collisions. Nice graphics too.
Always a pleasure to play your games :) Happy New Year my friend