December 2022 libGDX 7 Day Game Jam Entry

Theme: Dystopian Christmas


There was a bug with the final boss that annoyed me and made targets appear offscreen. I fixed the bug for the sake of posterity and wont be making anymore changes.


I went waaaaaay overboard with this one, spent more than half the jam week just  making a battle screen that looked nice and getting better with Scene2d and actions. Plus working with the awesome TextraTypist library for the cool font effects was worth the lack of initial gameplay. lol

*Post Jam Update*

As promised I managed to throw together a simple battle mechanic into the battle screen, so the game actually had a bit of a challenge instead of the original click enemy to kill.


Once again it's almost hear, Christmas crunch time. There is no rest, there is no escape. You've been worked to the bones for the past 36 years and you can't spend another minute putting together another crappy Disco Skeleton mini-fig for some human brat who doesn't even deserve it. You hear rumors about those who've attempted to escape the Factory. It isn't pretty, but neither is being a slave to the Beast in Red. That does it, no more! It's time to get out of this Holiday Hellscape and get your revenge. As Frosty as my witness. This will be the LAST CHRISTMAS!


Default controls

Move with WASD

Interact with Space Key (You chat with certain elves, and enter battles with enemy's by going up to them and pressing the interact key.

When a battle starts. There are 2 battle states which happen automatically. Enemies will launch Coal towards you. Click on the coal to destroy it before it reaches you. Otherwise you will take damage.

When it is your turn to attack, various moving targets will appear over the enemies sprite. Click on as many as you can before the very short timer ends. You will usually have less than 2 seconds. So practice your mousin' skills

For each target you manage to click you will deal 5 damage. IF you manage to click ALL target before the time is up. That is a Critical Hit. And all the damage you have dealt will be doubled.

If you die, you will just respawn with full health at the map spawn point.

Assets Used:

Main Tileset:

*a few crappy edits and tiles added by me

Battler Images:

*note: Battler Images were poorly edited and Animated by me

The Battle Backgrounds: were actually created by me.

The one exception being the snow background has elements taking from and the tileset I used.

Some song tracks from:

And here

And here

All other sounds and music found through:


StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Tags2D, Christmas, libGDX


last_christmas_0.65.jar 55 MB
last_christmas_0.4.jar -Original Entry 59 MB

Install instructions

As long as you have java installed.

You should be able to download the jar and simply double click to run it.

or navigate through the command prompt and run this command  "java -jar last_christmas_0.65"


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This is impressive! The amount of content, the graphics, music game play states, dialogue..

You're good at this : )

Thanks! It helps a ton that there's a lot of nice looking assets out there to use. If I was forced to make it all myself, yea... not going to happen.

Music is calming, graphics is great, reminds me FF6. The animation of killing the enemy is satisflying...:)

Awesome, thanks!  If you were curious, the death animations were all made using a preset from the program JuiceFX.

(1 edit)

Hurray, I won! Such a pleasant game, until it becomes dark. I love the setting, great job!

Also big thanks for implementing customizable controls and thinking about those azerty users like myself!

This makes me want to play Stardew Valley again!

 I loved the dialogue, details and music! Very nice!! :D

I really love the setting, and the whole feel of the place, I'd love to play it again if you implement the mechanics :)

Great size of game world. So nice character design. I love the boss-fight and music. Everything is great :)

Thanks! Just too bad I wasn't able to implement any kind of real gameplay.  lol 

It's still very cool, don't worry future developments will make it even better ;)

This has a really nice game feel to it.