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This is impressive! The amount of content, the graphics, music game play states, dialogue..

You're good at this : )

Thanks! It helps a ton that there's a lot of nice looking assets out there to use. If I was forced to make it all myself, yea... not going to happen.

Music is calming, graphics is great, reminds me FF6. The animation of killing the enemy is satisflying...:)

Awesome, thanks!  If you were curious, the death animations were all made using a preset from the program JuiceFX.

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Hurray, I won! Such a pleasant game, until it becomes dark. I love the setting, great job!

Also big thanks for implementing customizable controls and thinking about those azerty users like myself!

This makes me want to play Stardew Valley again!

 I loved the dialogue, details and music! Very nice!! :D

I really love the setting, and the whole feel of the place, I'd love to play it again if you implement the mechanics :)

Great size of game world. So nice character design. I love the boss-fight and music. Everything is great :)

Thanks! Just too bad I wasn't able to implement any kind of real gameplay.  lol 

It's still very cool, don't worry future developments will make it even better ;)

This has a really nice game feel to it.