March 2023 libGDX 7 Day Game Jam Entry

Theme: Pixel Wars

*Updated: Added some Cheat toggles in the Pause Menu. Press Escape to pause.

+ Fixed Major FPS Drops in Web version

To anyone who's played my previous Jam games, Don't go into this one expecting too much. I "tried" to take it easy. Forced myself to use nothing but a single white pixel texture to create all the enemies and weapons. So I wasted a lot of time creating this crappy Vampire Survivors clone, man what a headache.

(If you want to play an actual good VS clone this jam. Just go play Sandra and Fourlastor's  instead) 

Basic Gameplay:

You control a pixel.

WASD for Movement and Mouse for projectile aiming.

The entire game works on the concept of auto-attacking.

Each weapon (except the Orbital Saw) has a cooldown. Which will repeatedly fire off as time passes and the cooldown ends. (You can add these timers to the UI from the options screen if you choose)

Most of the projectiles will Fire Towards where your Mouse Cursor is. 

An exception is the Sword. The sword will swipe Horizontally in the direction you are facing when you walk. (Yes, I know you are  a Pixel so I added Arrows to help you understand which direction you face, basically the last direction you moved, left or right)

Kill enemy pixels and Collect the gems they drop, you must collect these Gems as fast as possible if you hope to survive. Collecting Gems will level you up. Giving you an Option to upgrade any of your possible weapons.

Every upgrade Increases Firepower, Lowers Cooldown, And May occasionally add additional projectiles or increase projectile speed.

If enemies touch you, you will take Damage. 

Pick up the yellow pineapples (pixels) that will drop to heal some damage.

To reach the End defeat the Boss which spawns after the 5 Minute mark.

Since there wasn't much time for Balance, I've added in a cheat menu to the options screen if you just want to mess around.

Assets Used:

All visual assets made my me.

All sounds and music found through

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Tags2D, libGDX, Pixel Art, Top down shooter


pixel_survivors_jam_0.77.jar - Newest 19 MB
pixel_survivors_jam_0.72.jar - Original 19 MB

Install instructions

If you have java 8 installed.

You should be able to download the jar and simply double click to run it. Or right click then open. On linux you may have to mark it as an executable.

You could also navigate through the command prompt and run this command  "java -jar pixel_survivors_jam_0.77.jar"


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Cool, I love the simplistic aspect on pixels :) its addictive and fun. nice work :)

Oh my god! I am so bad at this game, I only killed 50 pixels.

Good game by the way. Reminds me of the games I played to kill time (I.O. games).


Hah, thanks for trying it out. Now remember, being bad at it doesn't reflect on your own skill. But the crappy skills of the game's creator for not balancing it properly. 


First try! Circular blade ftw! I never knew I hated pixels this much, I killed 1003 of 'm. They know their place now.

Haha,  balance be damned its a Jam Game, hehe, there's no time for that. :-D Thanks! 

It is very balanced, you are underestimating my skilz!