September 2022 libGDX 7 Day Game Jam Entry

Theme: Post Apocalyptic

*Warning, This is a tower defense game where there was no time for balance, just hope its fun.


The year is 3541. The world has long since devolved into post apocalyptic wasteland with little reprieve. The only comfort the survivors have is their yearly Halloween festival. (Very serious business)

You happen to be in control of the last pumpkin patch in the wasteland. Do all you can to protect the pumpkin patch from the likes of Zombies, Raiders and other vile Pumpkin hating creatures!

Basic Gameplay:

You Start with a finite number of resources and 3 pumpkins (lives)

These resources need to last you through 5 waves of enemies.

(unless you find the easter egg and exploit it's reward)

If a creature makes it to the pumpkin patch you lose a pumpkin.

Use the mouse to select and Build Towers as you see fit to try and protect your pumpkin patch.


Basic Tower: Target 1 enemy at a time, fires when in range.

Ice Tower: Has an Aura around it which slows all enemies which walk through it.

Spread Tower: Shoots In 8 different Directions when enemies come in range.

*Things I didn't finish implementing:  :-( *

Clickable enemies to deal damage.

Rocket Turret

Pauses between waves + resource gain

Turret upgrades + ui

Assets Used:



Certain miscellaneous assets by Me.

All sounds and music found through


Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
TagslibGDX, Tower Defense


PostApoc_Pumpkin_0.45.jar -Original Upload 18 MB
PostApoc_Pumpkin_0.5.jar - Newest 19 MB

Install instructions

If you have java 8 installed.

You should be able to download the jar and simply double click to run it. Or right click then open. On linux you may have to mark it as an executable.

You could also navigate through the command prompt and run this command  "java -jar PostApoc_Pumpkin_0.5.jar"


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haha  very good game with the graphics and the logic. As someone who is not good at strategy games, I need some more practice. I will train myself by playing it more. I find it much fun and interesting to play :)
Great effort, real nice game :)

Hah, thanks dont worry to much about the strategy it's not balanced at all. There was no time for that. I think of it more like... just mess around and enjoy. :-D

So gooooooooood, loved the tileset you chose and how you used it, my inner strategist is very pleased (also thx for the easter egg hehe) great game <3


Ah thanks!  I'm glad you found it. I wasn't sure if anyone would when I threw it in there. But guess it wasn't too hidden.

The art is so nice, I mean, I envy you. So good!

Thanks, well. Not for the art. I just found it. But I will take credit for mashing it together. lol

Solid gameplay, wish I could've earned points to place more.

Art is super nice, it looks professional. Maybe the ground is a bit noisy?

This is one of my favourite jam submissions!

Technically this was all your fault. Obviously it's not PvZ like you suggested in the discord. But it made decide to make a Tower Defense game this jam. Also, yep. the resources and balance went out the window i spent most of my time just getting the game functioning. *Hint, you actually can get infinite recourses, just find the Jam Easter Egg ;-)

cute!! :D