libGDX 2023 September Game Jam

Theme: A Terrifying (K)Night!


Worked on a very simple scoreboard system as a fun side project which I can use for my jams. Submit your score on the game over screen. Scores based on a generated client id + username system, so if you submit with the same name as a previous entry your total score will be updated (if it's higher) otherwise it wont be saved. Also, clearing your browser cache or using incognito mode, you will end up with a different id, so if that happens you'll end up with another set of scores regardless of name.


The King's once trusted alchemist has been fiddling and sciencing around with some dark arts. And what do you know? The specimens have gotten loose again! Well, lucky you're literate and there's nothing mindless monster's fear more than correctly spelled words! It's up to you on this most terrifying night! Type! Type like your life depends on it! Because it does!


It's a poor mans jam version of Typing of the Dead.

Complete words to earn points, consecutive completed words WITHOUT typos creates a "typoless streak". Which greatly increases your score the higher your streak gets.

Monster's will spawn and walk towards the screen. Each has a word or phrase above it's head. Type out the word to kill the monster.

There are about 5 Waves of increasing difficulty, each with about 15 or so monsters.

The game is currently NOT Case sensitive so don't worry about that.

There is no need to use the backspace or enter key. Just type your words. For every word you complete it gets added to your word typo-less word streak modifier, if you miss-type you instantly lose the modifier and it resets to zero. (this only affects your point score)

Be wary of spaces, I added a visual indicator when you correctly type or miss a space just like every other letter. It was getting confusing without it.

If at any moment you want to stop working on the currently focused word, just hit escape, it will reset you fresh and you can begin working on any word on screen you choose.


Fixed some weird bugs. But there's still some visual bugs because of word wrapping and label size... oh well.

Added some stats like Accuracy and Gross words per minute on the game over page. Don't take these too seriously I tried my best to make it accurate but it was hard to calculate considering how the game works.

Lava Eater said typing an apostrophe moved his browser. I swear I captured all those damn keys! Work's on my machine ;-)

Assets Used:

Monsters and most Visuals:

Background Music:

All sounds found through

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typeknight_jam_0.55.jar 18 MB

Install instructions

If you have java 8 installed.

You should be able to download the jar and simply double click to run it. Or right click then open. On linux you may have to mark it as an executable.

You could also navigate through the command prompt and run this command  "java -jar typeknight_jam_0.55.jar"


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That was fun. Got 95% accuracy but not sure how accurate that is

To be honest, having coded the stat tracking in at the last minute and never looked back. I'm also not to sure how accurate they are. lol

Thanks!  ;-)

Very nice for a jam game. Would need fleshing out to keep up the motivation to play.

Nice game. Can you tell me the email?

Or is there a another way to send message to you?

That was fun! I like the music loop

Thanks for giving it a try! I went through like 6 different background music choices and searched itch for like 6 hours until I found one that worked. lo

Add more content and I will train my fast-writing skills on this game!

Words at some point are like "lookslikeacatwalkingonthekeyboardbutitcanbeactuallyawordingerman" :D 

Haha! To be honest I'm a terrible typist. I can't actually beat the game in it's current state. So there may be a balance issue I need to fix up. lol
Thanks for taking the time to play! :-D

When I tried to do an apostrophe in the browser, the entire page scrolled down, resulting in my death... other than that I give it five out of five keys on the keyboard!

Great to know! That must have slipped through I should have all that browser control nonsense locked down. I'll try to fix that eventually. lol
Thanks for playing