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That was fun. Got 95% accuracy but not sure how accurate that is

To be honest, having coded the stat tracking in at the last minute and never looked back. I'm also not to sure how accurate they are. lol

Thanks!  ;-)

Very nice for a jam game. Would need fleshing out to keep up the motivation to play.

Nice game. Can you tell me the email?

Or is there a another way to send message to you?

That was fun! I like the music loop

Thanks for giving it a try! I went through like 6 different background music choices and searched itch for like 6 hours until I found one that worked. lo

Add more content and I will train my fast-writing skills on this game!

Words at some point are like "lookslikeacatwalkingonthekeyboardbutitcanbeactuallyawordingerman" :D 

Haha! To be honest I'm a terrible typist. I can't actually beat the game in it's current state. So there may be a balance issue I need to fix up. lol
Thanks for taking the time to play! :-D

When I tried to do an apostrophe in the browser, the entire page scrolled down, resulting in my death... other than that I give it five out of five keys on the keyboard!

Great to know! That must have slipped through I should have all that browser control nonsense locked down. I'll try to fix that eventually. lol
Thanks for playing